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Digital Brand Strategy

Business owners should have knowledge of how important digital advertising can be. They should also understand how important brand development is to a business. But what is does it mean to have, create or implement a digital brand strategy?PositioningThe most obvious answer is that digital brand strategy is advertising that uses digital options to promote your products and services. But that answer is lacking in both depth and insight, it is also inaccurate.If journalists, social commentators and analysts are correct than we are in a digital age and as such the human race is at its mercy. It seems more and more people are shifting to the online world, where products, services, entertainment, information and even relationships are all available with the click of a button. We are spending more and more time in a virtual reality as the digital revolution continues, but are we?

Some alternative views believe that the digital revolution is coming to an end if no over already. Now the digital age has in fact made its impact, as digital technology now has at least some existence in all of our lives. This may well mean that on some levels digital-centric brands are obsolete. So in what may be the post-digital age what role can digital brand strategy play?The point to consider that calling brand development digital can be misleading, not meaning that marketing techniques should not use digital channels, but he fact digital channels have been integrated to such an extent that they are part of our everyday lives. Meaning that a brand strategy that is designed to target digital channels should create a brand that goes beyond digital. A brand that is not dependent on any one environment.Total Brand DevelopmentA brand refers to the relationship between a business and its customers, establishing the framework for how people perceive, respond to and interact with a company. The strategies that underpin effective brand development must be designed to target the outcome, not the channel; for example, interacting with existing and prospective customers on Twitter can be useful for promoting products and services, but the principal goal should be to nurture the brand, not the business. That means focusing less on how Twitter can be used for sales and more on how it can be used as a platform to communicate ideas and feelings; after all, advertisements generate leads, but interactions build brands.

Effective brand development aims not only to establish but to strengthen brands. It does not rely on any given channel or medium to get results, but it is probable it will use all types of digital communications available to ensure it reaches the right target audiences. It is important marketers think beyond digital to create brands to ensure they have the ability to not only survive but to flourish in a world where technology is so integrated into everyday life. Digital merely sets the stage it is the brand that need to write the script and act out the parts.